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Wai Thai Food

The Wai Thai inspiration for serving healthy cuisine was founded on the belief that good food is the source of a good life. As a result of over a year of testing and developing over 1000 dishes, our chefs have created a highly nutritious and flavorsome Wai Thai menu.

We offer a varied range of Thai dishes to suit a healthy lifestyle while satisfying your appetite. We have managed to create a healthy menu that features all the Thai classic dishes. Thai Curries, rice dishes and noodles, apt both vegetarians or the meat lovers. We just take away the ingredients that have spoiled the fun of a healthy Thai food experience in modern times: oil, sugars, salt, msg and preservatives. We add instead our natural master sauces, using top quality healthy ingredients like msg free soy and oyster sauces or handpicked natural honey.

Anyone who wishes to stay healthy will find Wai Thai cuisine can positively make a noticeable contribution.

Good food should be viewed as the foundation of health, we would like you to enjoy this benefit without compromising taste or flavour.