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The Wai Thai concept has been purposely designed for the international environment. Every aspect of the Wai Thai service and food has been systemized and documented to be able to transport the concept anywhere in the world.

Importantly, Wai Thai is not dependent on Thai cooks or chefs. Even those with no experience with Oriental food can easily learn how to cook the Wai Thai way. Our all-inclusive training programs can be completed within just four weeks to embrace the Wai Thai food and service standards.

Most ingredients are readily available locally. The unmistakable flavour of Wai Thai comes from the master sauces used for each dish. The sauces, produced to HACCP Standards, contain only natural ingredients and are delivered to your outlet on a regular basis. These master sauces ensure we can produce Wai Thai cuisine in any country.

The concept of Wai Thai is highly suited to major cities, particularly in the Western world where there is the greatest growth for highly nutritious, healthy fast food.